Markings, markings everywhere

I finished the design for my blade markings and etched all knives I had here. Like I posted before I wanted to have unique metal etchings on every blade.

SK logo and name of the model on one side

On one side of the blade I have my Simply-Knives SK-logo together with the name of the model. Every knife model I design has a unique name.

A.Behringer signature and unique SK number/id

On the other side I add my name A.Behringer and a unique number of this knife. I will give every knife a number that identifies this single knife. I plan to put a certificate to every knife which matches the id metal etched on the blade.

The etching worked out pretty nice, despite the fact that the knives are ready made, the surface finish was done before and handles are allready on the blade. I was able to redo the surface finishes and clean up where the etching left some stains.

I am pretty happy with the results.