Folder: Spring Folder

Spring folder knife header image with padouk handle scales

My first folding knife model. The spring arrested folding mechanism works like on Swiss Army Knives. The blade is held in the opened or respectively closed position by a strong steel spring that blends into the spine of the handle. The whole mechanism lives inside a strong steel frame. There are no screws, everything is glued up with epoxy. The liners are laminated grey paper and a layer of pearwood veneer to give it a lighter two-color tone. in the closed position, the edge of the blade does not touch any inner parts of the knife to keep it sharp. The handle scales are made out of a nice red Padouk wood.

My blogpost about making this knife

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Hunter / Bushcraft: Tigershark

The Tigershark is intended as a big hunting, bush crafting, or just an outdoor knife. The form of the blade is dominated by a single line flowing from the tip of the blade to the heel of the handle in a single bow. The handle gave the knife the name Tigershark and adds to the aggressive form of the knife. The index finger is protected by a circular cutout in the steel.

My blogpost how I made this knife.

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Petty knife: Furutsu

I made this knife as a petty knife for the Kengata Santoku I made some weeks ago. This was a gift for my mother, too. Most focus was on the profile of the blade to make it similar to the large chef’s knife. The handle is a bit thinner than on the Santoku, as the knife should be more nimble to work with and match the smaller blade. I used the same stell, a 2mm thin 01-tool steel.

My blogpost how I made this knife.

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Kukri / Khukuri: Kukri III

The second Kukri/Khukuri knife I made. I wanted to give the design a bit of a western touch. The handle is made out of ebony wood in hidden tang construction with a sub hilt. The hilts are accented with red paper micarta liners. The blade is made out of 01 tool steel of german precision production. The knife comes with a black dyed, hand made and punched leather sheath.

My blogpost how I made this knife.

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Gardening Knife: Glücklich Gärtnern

A gardening knife I designed and made for Glücklich Gärtnern. A personal blog about the happiness from gardening. The blade is bent to make it easier to cut plants or roots. The handle is made out of one of the last parts I had of our old apple tree. The edge has a pretty sharp scandi grind. This knife is the first I heat treated in my new forge.

My blogpost how this knife lead to my first knife order.

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Bowie knife with hidden tang: Andy

A bowie knife with two part handle and a secondary steel piece between index and middle finger. The handle is secured with additional pins. The handle is made of apple wood of our lovely small apple tree, that broke in winter 2017 to 2018 under heavy snow. The blade has a mix of polished surface on the bevels and a scratch pattern on the flat parts of the blade.

My blogpost how I made this knife.

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Meat Cleaver: The Butcher

A small but heavy meat cleaver with a scandi flat grind. The first knife I used metal etching to transfer my logo and the name of the blade. The spine of the knife runs in an arc from the heel of the handle to the hole at the top of the blade. The handle has a 4 pin design and a wide heel to avoid loosing grip when hacking with the knife. The handle is made out of apple wood from an apple tree the broke in winter 2017.

My blogpost how I made this knife.

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