Bowie: Longbow

The Longbow is a slim and recurved blade and was my try to do a bigger knife. I had complete creative control and just added an awesome handle of green stabilized poplar burl to the mix. The spine of the blade offers a thumb stop and a swage (not sharpened). The leather sheath has a pattern that symbolizes the tip of the blade being pulled out.

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Petty knife: Furutsu

I made this knife as a petty knife for the Kengata Santoku I made some weeks ago. This was a gift for my mother, too. Most focus was on the profile of the blade to make it similar to the large chef’s knife. The handle is a bit thinner than on the Santoku, as the knife should be more nimble to work with and match the smaller blade. I used the same stell, a 2mm thin 01-tool steel.

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Meat Cleaver: The Butcher

A small but heavy meat cleaver with a scandi flat grind. The first knife I used metal etching to transfer my logo and the name of the blade. The spine of the knife runs in an arc from the heel of the handle to the hole at the top of the blade. The handle has a 4 pin design and a wide heel to avoid loosing grip when hacking with the knife. The handle is made out of apple wood from an apple tree the broke in winter 2017.

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Outdoor Knife

The fourth knife I made. I made this knife as a christmas present for my father 2018. The blade is intentionally short and wide. The index finger cutout has a small silver ring running around the opening. The tail of the handle has an extra wide design to give the knife a good handling and has an additional hole for a wrist strap.

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