Building my own Tools – a hidden tang handle saw

When I built my first hidden tang knife, I needed a tool to sew out the slot, where the tang would fit into the wood. As I had nothing that worked, I built one myself.
I called it a hidden tang handle saw (HTHS) as a joke on Instagram.

First of all I used a 3.2 mm thick steel for the knife and that had a direct impact on how wide the holes were, that I drilled into the wood of the handle and the steel of the guard. I will use thicker steel in the future for these type of knives, because that would make things a lot easier.

I used the same steel (3.2 mm of 1.2003 steel) for the saw as I used for the knife so I had the exact same thickness. And I had a pretty long triangular piece of that steel left that was perfect.

I always strive to learn new things.


I drew the form I had in my mind directly on the steel and cut it out with the angle grinder then evened out the rough sides on the belt grinder.

I had seen an Youtube video of somebody doing a triangular cut. My first plan was to do a simple saw form with teeth. But I wanted to have a new challenge and i always strive to learn new things. So I chose to try out the triangluar form.

triangular unfinished handle saw for hidden tang knives
First three teeth with the triangular cut are finished, seven to go and then clean things up a bit.

It took me a while but while filing every single tooth into form I already felt how sharp that thing would be. Yes I managed to cut myself in the finger. I hardened the saw and ground the shaft into a rounded form.

After doing my first handle I used the remaining epoxy to glue a simple little wood grip on the handle of the saw, just to have it nicely fitting into my hand.

I am very happy with the results.