Bowie: Longbow

The Longbow is a slim and recurved blade and was my try to do a bigger knife. I had complete creative control and just added an awesome handle of green stabilized poplar burl to the mix. The spine of the blade offers a thumb stop and a swage (not sharpened). The leather sheath has a pattern that symbolizes the tip of the blade being pulled out.

My blogpost how I made this knife.


  • Steel: 1.2510 or 100MnCrW4 or O1-Stahl
  • Length: 285 mm
  • Blade length: 165 mm
  • Blade width: 45 mm
  • Blade Thickness: 5 mm
  • Grip: green colored stabilized poplar burl
  • Liners: self-made paper micarta liners in green and white
  • Pins: two 5 mm steel pins and two 4 mm steel pins